Dealing with People

  • remaining flexible (even supple!) when working with friends and family
    Ira Bryck
  • finding and holding onto the pulse of your many stakeholders
    Kirsten Bonanza

Driving Collaborative Economy

  • reinventing yourself when markets change; embracing trends in the new economic era
    Prakash Laufer
  • fostering collaborations among peers and competitors in order to sustain and grow revenues
    Dan Finn
  • Create It! A “money multiplier” simulation game and discussion on creating money locally
    William Spademan

Alternative Funding

  • bootstrapping your organization when cash is scarce; growth with non-traditional capital
    Tim Cohen-Mitchell
  • planning for and attracting investment opportunities
    Terry Mollner

Sustainability and Resilience as a strategic focus

  • making the case for resilience as a strategic focus
    Jan Morgan
  • local politics: what works and what could be better
    Catherine Ratte

Creating and spending your money

  • debt versus equity; balancing the two and planning ahead
    Mary Hoyer
  • taking on debt; how much do you really need?
    John Waite
  • once you get the capital, what do you do with it?
    Rick Feldman