Covid-19 resources

Note this list is in prioritized order, then by date. It is primarily reports about tracking and then dealing with Covid-19 and then news articles. There is no intended support of these issues, other than to reflect others reports.

COVID-19 Cases, Quarantine and Monitoring |
John Hopkins Coronavirus COVID-10
Latest Mass. Map And Case Count: Breaking Down Coronavirus Here In Charts | CommonHealth
Coronavirus pandemic: Tracking the global outbreak - BBC News
COVID-19 in Congress tracked by
COVID-19 Projections
Worldometer - real time world statistics
Mass Re-Opening Plan an Encouraging First Step
Reopening Massachusetts |
CDC Guidance for Implementing the Opening Up America Again Framework (May 8, 2020)
So You are Going Outside: A Physics-Based Coronavirus Infection Risk Estimator for Leaving the House
91-DIVOC : Flip the script on COVID-19
8 strains of coronavirus circulating around the world | Health24
Symptom Checker, Check Your Symptoms in Real Time | Buoy
Early Release - COVID-19 Outbreak Associated with Air Conditioning in Restaurant, Guangzhou, China, 2020 - Volume 26, Number 7—July 2020 - Emerging Infectious Diseases journal - CDC
COVID-19 Information & Resources - City of Greenfield, MA
FRCOG Map Covid_19
IRS: Coronavirus Tax Relief and Economic Impact Payments
Stanford Medicine launches national daily health survey to predict COVID-19 surges, inform response efforts | News Center | Stanford Medicine
Major's Order Town of Greenfield, Ma -4-16-2020 (pdf)
State of Emergency Hours of Operation - City of Greenfield, MA
You Can Make This IU Professor’s No-Sew Origami Face Mask in Under Two Minutes – Indianapolis Monthly
Opinion | Joe Biden: My Plan to Reopen America After the Coronavirus - The New York Times
Coronavirus: Do You Qualify For Stimulus Checks? Here's What You Need To Know.
CISA | COVID-19 Updates from CISA
Who's Open in Greenfield? - Greenfield Business Association -- Greenfield MA
Franklin County Food Access Resources
Business Development Resource Guide - FRCOG
City of Greenfield, MA
COVID-19 :: 413Cares
COVID-19: Special Hours and Services for Franklin County Businesses (from Chamber)
Look4Help: Easy to find Resources in Franklin & Hampshire Counties | Massachusetts
List of essential businesses in Massachusetts to remain open | WWLP
Franklin County Food Access Resources
Operational Toolkit for Businesses Considering Reopening or Expanding Operations in COVID-19
Homeopathy Help Now -
Mass Farm Bureau
WesternMass List of Business Resources: Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin, and Berkshire Counties (Responses) - Google Sheets
WesternMass List of Upcoming Webinars for Businesses: Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin, and Berkshire Counties (Responses) - Google Sheets
CARES Act: Why the rollout of the $2 trillion stimulus was a mess
COVID-19 Resources for Municipalities - FRCOGFRCOG
Should I Disinfect My Groceries? Advice About Grocery Shopping Safely : NPR
Estimates of the severity of coronavirus disease 2019- The Lancet
Franklin Matters: Mutual aid networks for 350 Mass during Coronavirus
CDC: Coronavirus Disease 2019 main page
WHO Coronavirus disease 2019
WHO: mental health considerations
CDC: protect yourself
Collective Care Is Our Best Weapon against COVID-19 - Mutual Aid Disaster Relief
COVID-19 Mutual Aid Directory: Hire Independent Artists - Google Sheets
Direct deposit and your stimulus check: How to set up payment through the IRS portal - CNET
How to Fight Coronavirus Misinformation - Yes! Magazine
NDPC - National Domestic Preparedness Consortium
Fall River Face Mask | American Made Limited Protective Face Masks
New Zealand isn't just flattening the curve. It's squashing it.
Preparing to shelter in place 4 coronavirus: A printable guide to what you need at home
Make America Protest Again - Popular Information
The *other* reason conservatives want to reopen states
The Quiet Hand of Conservative Groups in the Anti-Lockdown Protests - The New York Times
Inside the conservative networks backing anti-quarantine protests
CDC Issues Alarming Triple-Fatality Report On COVID-19 Cases At Arkansas Church | HuffPost
Hydroxychloroquine or Chloroquine for COVID-19: Drug Safety Communication - FDA Cautions Against Use Outside of the Hospital Setting or a Clinical Trial Due to Risk of Heart Rhythm Problems | FDA
The CDC and States Are Misreporting COVID-19 Test Data - The Atlantic
FDA Halts Coronavirus Testing Program Backed by Bill Gates
Covid-19 antibodies: Spanish study has a scary takeaway about coronavirus immunity - Vox
Substantial Antiviral Response Seen in Adults Recovered from COVID-19 | Coronavirus
Two Coasts. One Virus. How New York Suffered Nearly 10 Times the Number of Deaths as California. â?? ProPublica
The Child Care Industry Is About To Collapse. Thereâ??s No Bailout Coming. | HuffPost
The Curious Case of the People Who Want to "Reopen" Americaâ??But Not Wear Masks - The Bulwark
Quarantine Fatigue Is Real. Shaming People Won't Help. - The Atlantic
Aerosol and Surface Stability of SARS-CoV-2 as Compared with SARS-CoV-1 | NEJM
The COVID Tracking Project | The COVID Tracking Project
Fact-checking Judy Mikovits, the controversial virologist attacking Anthony Fauci in a viral conspiracy video | Science | AAAS
CDC Business Plans
Trump administration buries detailed CDC advice on reopening
What Can the Coronavirus Tell Us About Conspiracy Theories? - The Atlantic
How to safely end social distancing and ease the Covid-19 pandemic - Vox
Health Experts Don't Understand How Information Moves - The Atlantic
COVID-19 Mutual Aid Directory: Hire Independent Artists - Google Sheets
COVID-19 & Freelance Artists
COVID-19 and Mutual Aid - NYC Red Net
Life Has to Go On - How Sweden Has Faced the Coronavirus Without a Lockdown
Locavores were resetting the American table. Then came a pandemic. -
Five Ways to Follow the Coronavirus Outbreak for Any Metro Area in the U.S. - The New York Times
San Francisco had the 1918 flu under control. And then it lifted the restrictions.
Michael Osterholm: Infectious disease expert says we're only in the second inning of the pandemic - CNN
No Flour, Pasta or Eggs? the Perfect Substitutes for 20 Common Ingredients
Opinion | The Infection That’s Silently Killing Coronavirus Patients - The New York Times
Coronavirus Escape: Rich Americans Head to New Zealand Bunkers - Bloomberg
Why Bill Gates is the focus of COVID-19 conspiracy theories
Leahy named to Trump’s council to reopen U.S. economy - VTDigger
Apple and Google Respond to Covid-19 Contact Tracing Concerns | WIRED
Inside the Swift, Deadly History of the Spanish Flu Pandemic
Coronavirus Crisis: Case against Lockdown Absurd | National Review
How the virus behind COVID-19 is evolving across the world
How does coronavirus kill? Clinicians trace a ferocious rampage through the body, from brain to toes | Science | AAAS
Misinformation goes Viral - The Startup - Medium
In Vietnam, There Have Been Fewer Than 300 COVID-19 Cases And No Deaths. Here's Why : Coronavirus Live Updates : NPR
COVID-19 and the Doomsday Clock: Observations on managing global risk - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
'The Public Deserves to Know': Lone Watchdog Demands Federal Reserve Release Names of Corporations Receiving Taxpayer Bailouts | Common Dreams News